Air duct repair and maintenance service Racine and Kenosha residents can rely on.

Signs of a Broken Air Duct

Not sure if your air ducts need repair? Here are some telltale signs to help you make an accurate diagnosis:

  • DIRTY AIR DUCT REGISTER AND FILTER: While it’s normal for some dust to accumulate, excessive dirt and dust may indicate vent damage.
  • VISIBLE DAMAGE: Even a small hole in your air duct system can drastically affect its performance. We can access your air filtration system to look for any cracks, dents, and holes.
  • LIMITED AIRFLOW: If your HVAC system seems to be functioning properly, but you don’t feel a lot of air coming from the register or vent, the air ducts likely have a problem.

If you’re unsure if your air ducts need repairs, get in touch with our team. We can conduct a thorough inspection and catch even the smallest leaks or holes. Our air duct sealing services are second to none!

How’s your indoor air quality? Let’s find out. Schedule an indoor air quality assessment today.

Why Air Duct Repair Matters

Regain the functionality of your ductwork by contacting our team at Heating & Cooling Services by Building Waters Aire. Our years of experience, combined with the latest equipment, ensure that your problem gets fixed and stays fixed. With a fully functioning air duct system, you get to enjoy:

  • BETTER AIR QUALITY: Damage ducts allow more dust and dirt to enter the system—and so your indoor air. Duct sealing keeps debris out and the air you pay to heat or cool in.
  • INCREASED AIRFLOW: Every unsealed area in your air duct lowers the airflow and causes uneven temperature transfer. Conversely, a well-maintained air duct efficiently transfers air throughout the locations of your home.
  • SAVE MORE ON ENERGY BILLS: With better airflow, your HVAC system requires less energy to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Improve your energy efficiency even more by installing a smart thermostat. Call today to get started.

Air ducts act as roadways for heated or cooled air, sending it throughout your home. They also often have a built-in air filtration system that improves your indoor air quality by filtering out dust and other tiny particles. Some modern units even use UV light to kill harmful airborne microorganisms!

With such essential functions, it’s best to call a professional if you suspect your home’s air ducts need repair. At Heating & Cooling Services by Building Waters Aire, we provide reliable air duct repair and maintenance services for homeowners in Southeast Wisconsin. You can count on us to arrive on time and fix any issues fast.

Is It Time for Ductwork Replacement?

Depending on how damaged your ductwork is, a full replacement may be more effective and budget-friendly. Our team will always be honest with you about the pros and cons of any service option and will explain those options in easy-to-follow terms—we check the jargon at the door.

We don't see many households that need all new ductwork, but it does happen, usually in older homes that may have sat vacant at one time or another. Large pests, such as stray cats or raccoons, sometimes make their way in and can do quite a bit of damage.

If you’re looking for reliable air duct repair, replacement, or sealing in Southeast WI, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 262-277-4255. At Heating & Cooling Services by Building Waters Aire, we provide fast, efficient services with fair and upfront pricing.