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We’ve all been there and know that a clogged toilet can be a very messy situation.

If your toilet is clogged, you can count on our skilled team at Building Waters, Inc for fast, effective toilet repair services and we’ll be sure to clean up before we leave. We can also fix your toilet if it runs or lacks flushing power or replace it if a repair won’t resolve the problems you’re experiencing.

Is the blockage deeper in your plumbing system? Not a problem! We offer hydro jetting services for no-dig clog removal.

Signs Your Toilet Needs Professional Repair

Your toilet not flushing or overflowing are obvious signs of an issue, but not all toilet problems are so easy to identify. Call us if you notice any of the following:

  • GURGLING NOISES: With a blockage in the drain vents, you may hear a suctioning or gurgling noise when flushing the toilet.
  • RECURRING CLOGS: If plunging it isn’t working anymore and if the clogging occurs once a week or more, there’s an underlying cause that needs to be addressed.
  • UNPRODUCTIVE FLUSHING: Flushing the toilet more than once to clear the bowl, wastes a lot of water and may be indicative of an issue with the flushing mechanism. Other causes of this problem include low water pressure or a blockage in the water jets.
  • RUNNING CONTINUOUSly: A toilet that keeps running after the flush cycle is complete needs a float height adjustment or a shorter refill tube. A leaking flapper may also cause this problem.
  • TOILET LEAKS: accumulating water around your toilet base, can cause moisture damage or mold growth. Causes of toilet leaks include porcelain cracks or worn seals.

How to Prevent Toilet Clogs

With proper toilet maintenance and use, you can prevent clogs and other issues. Here are some tips for preventing toilet clogs:

  • Only flush human waste and toilet paper.
  • Fix leaks and other issues when they occur.
  • Take steps to limit access to keep children from flushing foreign objects down the toilet.

Tired of orange staining or build up in your toilets? Contact us for a water softener installation.

Toilet Replacement and Repair Services

Building Waters, Inc offers prompt toilet repairs to save you the inconvenience. From professional toilet installation services to clog removal, we do it all. Our experienced team uses the latest technology and is dedicated to exceeding the standard in customer service.

If you need help with a clogged toilet in Southeast, WI, trust in our team at Building Waters, Inc. Call 262-277-4255.